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  • On the Capitalistic and Racist Dynamics of Sampling

    By Jean‑Hugues Kabuiku & Mathys Rennela This work is an extended transcript of our intervention at the cultural program The Politics of Music set up by Kunstenfestivaldesarts in Brussels on May 14th 2022. “Racism as a technique for exploiting black people and for fomenting the hostility of working-class whites toward blacks, so as to enable […]

  • Black dance music without Black people: a data analysis

    There is no way to deny the cultural shock induced by the 2020 Minneapolis uprising against police brutality. It was felt throughout the cultural landscape and in particular in the dance music industry, with an increased focus on featuring Black artists in the press.  Yet, this increased awareness for the Black struggle within the context […]

  • Abolish DJ Idolatry

    Nicolas Poussin – Adoration of the Golden Calf (oil on canvas), circa 1634 (foto Britannica)

    Focusing club activism on club workers by Mathys Rennela There is no denying that the pandemic is having a lasting and deep socio-economic impact on the dance music industry.[1]In this essay, I specifically discuss socio-economic dynamics within the Western European dance music scenes. It is worth noting that the pandemic has impacted local dance music […]

  • The Shock Doctrine Applied to Dance Music

    Credit Photo Courtesy Naomi Klein Watch as the COVID crisis accelerates the crisis in the mode of production; the insurrection has come in 2020, but not the revolution. What is the principal ideological force behind what I am calling  “the Shock Doctrine applied to dance music”?  Following Naomi Klein’s thesis in her book The Shock […]

  • What is the future for music after COVID-19? VOL II

    This is a follow up from my first essay “What is the future for music after COVID-19?” I was lucky to be able to exchange with DeForrest Brown, Jr. a New York-based theorist, journalist, and curator, with who I’m now doing a series of conversations with, about the music industry and the state of affairs […]

  • What is the future for music after COVID-19?

    Author : Jean-Hugues Kabuiku Published on Aug 17, 2020 In this essay, I will try to highlight the contour of an alternative to the financialization of music. in a COVID world patience is running out, we have witnessed organizations and individuals who called themselves progressive dodging accountability when asked to take responsibility for their oppressive behavior. Meanwhile, […]

  • Italian Regency of Carnaro : accelerationist origins of fascism VOL II

    I wanted to explore subjects that we weren’t able to write about in the first essay since it would have been too long. In this essay, I explore the link between colonialism and fascism, the origin of the shock doctrine that the crypto-evangelist wants to implement, and what are the links between all the actors […]

  • The Italian Regency of Carnaro : accelerationist origins of fascism

    Italian Futurist musician, Luigi Russolo, with one of his noise machines intonarumori nosie machine

    Co-written with Steph TJ originally published on Jean-Hugues kabuiku Substack. Our comprehension of the modern world is blurred by the erasure of the past. While researching the populist takeover of a coastal city facing the Adriatic during the volatile post-war period in Europe, we came across 20th century ideologies that explain a lot about the […]

  • New Work City Records w/ Technomaterialism #3

    AIRDATE : 22/09/2021 Avid dance music enthusiasts and prolific music critics Mathys Rennela and Jean-Hugues Kabuiku return as Technomaterialism for the final show of their guest residency with New Work City Records. Today’s show is centered around French rap and how it relates to issues such as police brutality, the French Black struggle, Black Arab […]

  • New Work City Records w/ Technomaterialism #2

    AIRDATE : 25/08/2021 New Work City Records 送上第二集「Technomaterialism」,音樂評論家 (Mathys Rennela) 以及 (Jean-Hugues Kabuiku) 今集將會介紹 Gwo ka ,一種起源於17世紀跨大西洋奴隸販賣時期於殖民地種植業流行的音樂。 Technomaterialism’s 2nd show of their guest residency – dance music enthusiasts and prolific music critics Mathys Rennela and Jean-Hugues Kabuiku have tasked themselves to re-contextualize Afro-Caribbean dance music within the broader discourse of reclaiming the Black roots of dance music: tomorrow’s show focuses […]