New Work City Records w/ Technomaterialism #2

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AIRDATE : 25/08/2021

New Work City Records 送上第二集「Technomaterialism」,音樂評論家 (Mathys Rennela) 以及 (Jean-Hugues Kabuiku) 今集將會介紹 Gwo ka ,一種起源於17世紀跨大西洋奴隸販賣時期於殖民地種植業流行的音樂。

Technomaterialism’s 2nd show of their guest residency – dance music enthusiasts and prolific music critics Mathys Rennela and Jean-Hugues Kabuiku have tasked themselves to re-contextualize Afro-Caribbean dance music within the broader discourse of reclaiming the Black roots of dance music: tomorrow’s show focuses on Gwoka.

The Gwo Ka musical practice emerged in the seventeenth century during the transatlantic slave trade – this music has its origins in the perpetuation of African music by the slaves of the former plantations.

For the enslaved, despite the prohibitions of the “Code Noir1,” music was a means of escape, evasion and communication, just like the Guadeloupean Creole language. This music, frowned upon for a long time in society, survived the post-colonial period, asserting itself as the first music and dance of Guadeloupe until it was registered in 2014 in the inventory of intangible heritage of France at Unesco!

In this show we also discuss philosophy of self-defense via Elsa Dorlin book’s “Se défendre” within the context of enslaved french-caribbeans. 

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