New Work City Records w/ Technomaterialism #3

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AIRDATE : 22/09/2021

Avid dance music enthusiasts and prolific music critics Mathys Rennela and Jean-Hugues Kabuiku return as Technomaterialism for the final show of their guest residency with New Work City Records. Today’s show is centered around French rap and how it relates to issues such as police brutality, the French Black struggle, Black Arab solidarity, as well as the 2005 riots.

Oxmo Puccino – J’ai mal au mic
Suprême NTM – Police
Set & quipe (feat. Rimcash)
Saian Supa Crew – La Preuve par 3
ILL – Les bidons veulent le guidon feat. Time Bomb Team
Suprême NTM – Ma Benz (feat. Lord Kossity)
Iam – L’empire du côté obscur
MC Solaar – Solaar pleure
Saian Supa Crew – Polices