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  • Techno-Gentrification: act 3

    Techno-Gentrification: act 3

    Author: Jean-Hugues Kabuiku & Mathys Rennela Illustration: Crackdown of a rave party in Redon (France) by the military police on June 19th, 2021. Part 5. Outro: Where do we go from here? On June 23rd 2022, an art event called “Regards du Grand Paris” took place in collaboration with the Atelier Medicis, an art center […]

  • Techno-Gentrification: act 2

    Techno-Gentrification: act 2

    Text by Jean-Hugues Kabuiku and Mathys RennelaIllustration: collage of photographs from the Coronation riots (30 April 1980), Vondelstraat riots (March 1980), and the Nieuwemarkt riots (1975). Part 3. Neoliberal urban planning and the end of the Dutch anti-capitalist counter-culture While nightlife can serve as an agent of urban-capitalism, urban planning has itself been used to […]

  • Techno-Gentrification: act 1

    Techno-Gentrification: act 1

    illustrations Catherine Hilgers Text By Jean‑Hugues Kabuiku & Mathys Rennela We analyze the spatialization of capital via public-private collaborations for the use of industrial wastelands to build cultural spaces, and the use of street art to limit who get to access spaces (taking the example of Johannesburg). Starting from a broad analysis of the spatialization of capital in the city in the 21st century, we go on to argue that private actors hiding behind the veil of being cultural actors (for instance CULTSPACE, sinny&ooko) use social washing