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  • The Shock Doctrine Applied to Dance Music

    Credit Photo Courtesy Naomi Klein Watch as the COVID crisis accelerates the crisis in the mode of production; the insurrection has come in 2020, but not the revolution. What is the principal ideological force behind what I am calling  “the Shock Doctrine applied to dance music”?  Following Naomi Klein’s thesis in her book The Shock […]

  • Italian Regency of Carnaro : accelerationist origins of fascism VOL II

    I wanted to explore subjects that we weren’t able to write about in the first essay since it would have been too long. In this essay, I explore the link between colonialism and fascism, the origin of the shock doctrine that the crypto-evangelist wants to implement, and what are the links between all the actors […]

  • The Italian Regency of Carnaro : accelerationist origins of fascism

    Italian Futurist musician, Luigi Russolo, with one of his noise machines intonarumori nosie machine

    Co-written with Steph TJ originally published on Jean-Hugues kabuiku Substack. Our comprehension of the modern world is blurred by the erasure of the past. While researching the populist takeover of a coastal city facing the Adriatic during the volatile post-war period in Europe, we came across 20th century ideologies that explain a lot about the […]